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waaay (not comparable)

  1. Elongated form of way.
    • 1948, Leon Augustus Hausman, Bird Hiking, p. 49:
      White-throated Sparrow — heard, not seen; the lovely clear flute-like tones repeated over and over again: Ooooh, see me waaaay, waaay, waaay.
    • 1975, Cycle World Magazine, Vol. 14, No. 2, Jan. 1975, p. 50:
      It is then that you realize you are waaay up there.
    • 2012, Asanti Mori-Palca, Fifty Shades of Green, p. 182:
      "When de lion whom she gots chosen and wid whom she lives be attacked by anoder," de Greek went on wid his narrative, "de lioness quietly lies waaay down and watches de battle."