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  1. rōmaji reading of わく




  1. bath (bathing place, river port or stream where people go to bathe)
    Aya waku nitsenu.
    Let's go [to the] bathing [place] together. (lit., Let's go [to the] bathing [place] with me.)
    Piye waku! Enupai kamo. Tsokojo pitsu!
    Go bathe! The sun is high in the sky. You're [like] an agouti!
    (Agoutis are tropical American rodents about the size of a rabbit. The Wauja say they avoid water.)
    Kanaipai ninyeulu, tsala? Aitsa painyakupai. Iya waku papa itsenu.
    Q: Where's my sister-in-law, dear boy? [addressing a nephew regarding his mom's whereabouts]. A: She's not home. She went to bathe with dad.
    Anatapai umejo. Aitsa iyapai waku itsenu. Aitsa aintyapai umapiya, paponaku pata aintyapai. Anatatai.
    [She] rejects her husband. [She] doesn't go to bathe with [him]. [She] doesn't eat his catch [the food he provides]; [she] eats only in her [parents'] house. [She] simply rejects [him].

Derived terms[edit]


  • E. Ireland field notes. Need to be checked by native speaker.