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Blend of walk +‎ watershed


walkshed (plural walksheds)

  1. (transportation planning, urban studies) The land area within a defined walking range of a specified location.
    • 2009, Colin Ellard, You Are Here: Why We Can Find Our Way to the Moon, but Get Lost in the Mall, →ISBN:
      Though the exact number or distance (sometimes referred to as a walkshed) may be a subject of debate, and may vary depending on the demographics and motivations of the walkers, one thing is abundantly clear: a driveshed is much large than a walkshed. This is not only because cars move much more quickly than pedestrians but also because driving is almost effortless compared with walking.
    • 2010, William Ascher, Corinne Krupp, Physical Infrastructure Development: Balancing the Growth, Equity, and Environmental Imperatives, →ISBN, page 195:
      However, premiums were notably higher for parcels within the 500 metre walkshed of the urban greenway entrance points than the freeway on-ramps.
    • 2013, John Rennie Short, Globalization, Modernity and the City, →ISBN, page 154:
      Picturing the city as a series of overlapping walksheds is an important start to understanding, conceptualizing, and mapping the city as a convivial place for pedestrians.