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Alternative forms[edit]


From water +‎ flow.


waterflow (plural waterflows)

  1. the flow of water, especially as part of a hydraulic system.
    • 1988, Richard D. Orchard, New method for measuring water seepage through salmon spawning gravel, page 2:
      The equipment and method described here will allow waterflow in natural stream systems to be measured quickly and easily, once standpipes are in place.
    • 2006, Luis Berga, J.M. Buil, & E. Bofill, Dams and Reservoirs, Societies and Environment in the 21st Century, →ISBN:
      When frozen, the ice blocked the waterflow and the up part thawed and down part unthawed, it is easily to form ice blockage, ice dam to cause the water level higher and form ice flood.
    • 2013, Bruce L. Larson, The Mammary Gland / Human Lactation / Milk Synthesis, →ISBN, page 448:
      Recent studies indicate that osmotic waterflow is also responsible for determining the composition of the aqueous phase in terms of lactose and ionic concentrations by establishing the P.D. across the apical membrane (Peaker, 1977).
    • 2014, Martin Wieland, Qingwen Ren, & John S.Y. Tan, New Developments in Dam Engineering, →ISBN:
      With a host of airflow and waterflow model tests, water head is reduced by water whirling, mixed water, and shear friction when orifice plates with swift contraction and expansion and forced shear friction after orifice plates.