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Alternative forms[edit]


weanel (plural weanels)

  1. (obsolete) A weanling.
    • 16thC, Edmund Spenser, The Shepherd′s Calendar: September, 1862, George Gilfillan, Charles Cowden Clarke (editors), The Poetical Works Of Edmund Spenser, Volume 4, page 278,
      A lamb, or a kid, or a weanel wast; / With that to the wood would he speed him fast.
    • 1835, Lord Huntingfield′s Important Agricultural Stock Sale, The Farmer′s Magazine, Volume 3: July - December, page 358,
      [] the weanel calves for stock sold at from 12l to 20l 5s per pair [] .
    • 1978, Essex Record Office, Elizabethan Life: Wills of Essex Gentry & Merchants, page 304,
      To my daughter Grace and her daughter Grace each a silver spoon, also to her daughter Grace a weanel to be let out by her parents to the best advantage to her use till she is 18. To my daughter Bridget and her daughter Elizabeth each a silver spoon, also to Bridget′s two children a weanel likewise.