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Middle English[edit]


From a merging of Old English hweorfan (to turn, change; move, go, come; wander about, roam, go about; turn back, return, turn from, depart; die; be converted) and Old English hwearfan/hwierfan (to turn, change, convert, return; wander, move, go, depart; exchange, barter; overturn, destroy), from Proto-Germanic *hwerbaną (turn).


wharven (third-person singular simple present wharveth, present participle wharvinge, simple past and past participle warfte)

  1. to change; convert; transform; exchange; (the participle hwerefinde was used as an adjective meaning changeable)
    • 1275, Layamon's Brut:
      Wið him warfte Brien al his iweden.
  2. to turn away; turn, divert
  3. to move about; wander; (the participle wharrfedd was used as an adjective meaning confused)
    • 1225, Trinity Homilies:
      Þis lage flemeð þe fule gost ut of þe child, and he wandrede wide, wernende longe, sechende him oðer stede on bileffulle manne.
  4. to come about, happen;
  5. to roll about, tumble, tussle; to roll together
    1. (when reflexive) to come together in battle

Related terms[edit]