what was someone smoking

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Suggesting the smoking of mind-altering drugs.


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what was someone smoking

  1. (idiomatic, humorous) Used to express surprise about someone's uncharacteristic or wacky, offbeat past actions.
    • 1996, Mark Lawrence, A to Z of sports cars, 1945-1990 - Page 1943
      The SGZ is primarily a signal that Alfa Romeo is back in business as serious maker of serious cars although the Zagato body puts one in mind of the FI team owner whose response to a new car was to ask his designer 'What were you smoking when you designed that?'
    • 2005, Gemäse Simmons, Worth Fighting For!: The Tragedies & Triumphs of Professor Renee ... - Page 25
      “...We don't want to live there. It's dark, creepy and it stank. What were you smoking when you bought this place? Hope you bought it real cheap, where is your change at?”
      “Shut the hell up”, James snapped back. “I'm your daddy and you going to live where I move you”.
    • 2007, Lee A. Iacocca, Catherine Whitney, Where have all the leaders gone? - Page 82
      Bush and company had a fantasy that we could bring democracy to Iraq and it would cause a domino effect in the Middle East. Suddenly every Arab nation would embrace democracy. What were they smoking?

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