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Alternative forms[edit]


what +‎ -th.



  1. (nonstandard) Which ordinal number.
    Thanksgiving is on the whath of November this year?
    • 1884, Eldredge & Brother, Selections from the Satires of Juvenal: To which is Added the Fifth Satire of Persius, page 144:
      Macleane explains himself very well when he says that Whath part?” would express quota pars, if we could coin an interrogative adjective after the analogy of the seventh part, eighth, etc.
    • 1996 September 4, Jim Farrell, “Blue eyes cryin' in the rain”, in bit.listserv.words-l, Usenet:
      It'sometimes[sic] amusing, sometimes, well, just majestic, especially King George the whath, E. Rex's father.

Usage notes[edit]

Although easily understood, this construction is rarely used even in informal speech.