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Uncertain, but probably from whinge +‎ -le (frequentative suffix).


whingle (third-person singular simple present whingles, present participle whingling, simple past and past participle whingled)

  1. (rare) to complain; whinge.
    • ?, Friends in Need:
      "They don't give us comps here," he whingles, "What was I supposed to do?"
    • 13 October 1996, Steve Kellett, “Re: Drunk Kids in an ALL AGES VENUE”, in alt.drunken.bastards, Usenet:
      [] , this is the last place to post this sort of whingling rubbish.
    • 13 October 2002, Heckler ²ºº², “Re: We need team-players FAST”, in alt.games.wolfenstein, Usenet:
      So don't whingle like an idiot and play the fecking game for fun.