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Alternative forms[edit]


From whipped cream, since "whippits" are typically sold in the United States for use in making whipped cream.


whippit (plural whippits)

  1. (slang) A cartridge of nitrous oxide (laughing gas), used as a recreational inhalant drug.
    • 2004, M. A. Miller et al, "Nitrous oxide 'whippit' abuse presenting as clinical B12 deficiency and ataxia", in American Journal of Emergency Medicine, Elsevier, Volume 2, Issue 2, Page 124.
    • 2006, Nitin K. Sethi et al, "Nitrous Oxide 'Whippit' Abuse Presenting with Cobalamin Responsive Psychosis", in Journal of Medical Toxicology, University of Pennsylvania Press, Volume 2, Number 2, Page 71.

Usage notes[edit]