white graft

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From the anemia of the rejected transplant tissue.


white graft (countable and uncountable, plural white grafts)

  1. (medicine) A hyperacute rejection of a transplant, such as a skin graft, such that vascularization doesn’t occur due to the arteries being occluded by preformed antibodies, resulting in infarction and requiring removal of the transplant.
    • 1965, Birth Defects Original Article Series - Volume 1, Issue 1, page 36:
      All control grafts were rejected in the time and manner of first set grafts, but the test graft was rejected in the time and manner of a white graft.
    • 1966, Histocompatibility Testing, 1965, page 172:
      The histologic patterns of response observed in animals exhibiting either white graft or accelerated rejection reactions were identical to those described for such reactions after sensitization of the recipients with guinea pig tissues.
    • 2012, Richard T. Smith, Immune Surveillance, →ISBN, page 281:
      Thus, in one situation there was produced a very strongly reacting antibody giving a white graft and short survival, whereas in another circumstance a different type of antibody resulted in graft prolongation.