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whore +‎ out



whore out (third-person singular simple present whores out, present participle whoring out, simple past and past participle whored out)

  1. (informal, transitive, vulgar) To prostitute, take advantage of, exploit, show off; to hire out or provide to others like a whore; to pimp, swap one's sex partner.
    • 2005. (In the Same Boat)
      It had landed him the thankless job of driving a bunch of loud whored-out drunks back to the boat at twelve-thirty in the morning.
    • 2008. (The Town Bull)
      I am your slave, your harlot, ready to be whored out in the public street even, if you want to, and I live only to be whored by you
    • 2008. (Paul Schrader)
      If a studio had made it, everyone would be saying that I had whored out, but in fact I had to fight to raise the financing, so if I did whore out, I whored out to my own melodramatic side”
    My father started to whore out my little brother as muscle for his construction company when he was six years old.
    My buddy Ted will whore out his wife to any of his friends.
    Some guys will whore out their girlfriends in high school, as pimping females that young can be very lucrative.
    My big sister always says it's okay to whore out on Halloween: no one will judge you for dressing slutty on that night.

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