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whore +‎ -y




whorey ‎(comparative whorier, superlative whoriest)

  1. (vulgar, derogatory) Slutty, promiscuous.
    • 1974, The New York times book review (volume 2)
      The pity is that she didn't get more of the entertaining roles that were in her range; she hardly had the stability to play a mother or even a secretary and she was a shade too whorey for Daisy Miller or her descendants []
    • 2011, Cris Mazza, Various Men Who Knew Us as Girls (page 161)
      After I told her, I stayed, as the chorus girls and the all-girl band applied their heavy whorey make-up, and watched the boy who played the MC get his face created.
    That is a very whorey, showy dress, Sara.