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wiki +‎ -holic


wikiholic (plural wikiholics)

  1. (Wiktionary and WMF jargon, neologism) A person who devotes a vast amount of time to a wiki-based project.
    • 2005 November 27, Karen Lofstrom, “Peeve: Iranian Shi'a”, rec.arts.sf.fandom, Usenet
      I'm a Wikipedia editor. A Wikiholic. I have some 500 articles on my watchlist (!!!) and I edit some of the more controversial articles on WP: the Islam-related articles. For many months, I have been butting heads with some Iranian Shi'a editors...
    • 2005, Richard Quinn, as quoted by David Dyer-Bennet, “Re: Charlie Stross: Wikipedian Extraordinaire” (April 8), rec.arts.sf.written, Usenet
      I was blessed with insight, that rare moment of lucidity which can truly validate the Buddhist belief in a path to enlightenment: Charles Stross is a Wikiholic!
    • 2006, "Gary Younge reports on Wiki-mania, and Wikipedia vandalism", The Guardian Unlimited, Aug 9, 2006
      "A lot of them are probably the sort of people who would have social problems in real life," said one wikimaniac over lunch, as though being a "wikiholic" suggested a full and active life.