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  1. present participle of wink


winking (plural winkings)

  1. The act of someone who winks.
    • 1828, The Harvard Register: no. I-XII, March, 1827-Feb. 1828 (page 153)
      I have known some happy spirits, who could sit for hours, when no other amusement presented, and talk of the winkings and squintings, they had lately been so eagle-eyed, as to detect between some innocent couple []
    • 1969, Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse-Five, New York: Dial, 2005, Chapter 7, p. 201,[1]
      [] Billy didn’t get to see Dresden do one of the most cheerful things a city is capable of doing when the sun goes down, which is to wink its lights on one by one. ¶ There was a broad river to reflect those lights, which would have made their nighttime winkings very pretty indeed.