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Alternative forms[edit]


wire +‎ water


wirewater (usually uncountable, plural wirewaters)

  1. (papermaking, rare) The water used to wash the forming mesh conveyor belt (known as a wire).
    • 1976, Frederick R. Bliss, Papermill wastewater treatment by microstraining[1], page 42:
      Collecting the wirewaters (water that washes the forming wire) into a separate line for delivery to the treatment plant or to the whitewater tank as needed for makeup water.
    • 1994, Journal of the Technical Association of the Australian and New Zealand Pulp and Paper Industry, volume 47:
      Wherever possible, stocks tested were slush pulps (hardwood, softwood, recycled fibre and broke) before and after blending (ex concentrators, blend chest and machine chest), after chemical addition (filler, size, retention aid), thin stock(s) and wirewater(s).
    • 2000, Papermaking: Stock preparation and wet end, page 137:
      On a multi-ply board machine, either on a multifourdrinier machine or on a multiple former machine, the wire waters are collected separately and the water circuits are usually separated.