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wizard +‎ -less


wizardless (not comparable)

  1. Without a wizard, or without any wizards.
    • 1994, Bill Brittain, The Wizards and the Monster, page 35:
      Now, finding myself wizardless, I'm holding a contest to see who'll take McAig's place.
    • 2003, Fred Saberhagen, Empire of the East, page 425:
      He yearned to strike with the working edge of the blade, but was not ready to leave himself effectively wizardless in the face of the enemy.
    • 2011, Brandon Mull, A World Without Heroes, page 42:
      Maldor may been the least powerful of Zokar's apprentices, but he possesses a cunning intellect, and in a wizardless world his abilities were suddenly formidable.