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Middle English[edit]


From Old English wlātian, wlǣtian (to loathe; cause a person loathing, disgust), from Proto-Germanic *wlētōną, *wlatōną (to disgust), from Proto-Indo-European *wel(w)-, *wlē- (to twist, wind, roll). Cognate with Scots wlate (to disgust), Middle Low German wlaten (to disgust, nauseate). Related also to Old English ġewlǣtan (to pollute, defile, debase).


wlaten (third-person singular simple present wlateth, present participle wlatende, simple past and past participle wlated)

  1. (intransitive) to feel disgust (toward); loathe; abominate
  2. (transitive) to disgust; cause (one) to loathe

Alternative forms[edit]

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