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wolf-whistle (plural wolf-whistles)

  1. Alternative spelling of wolf whistle


wolf-whistle (third-person singular simple present wolf-whistles, present participle wolf-whistling, simple past and past participle wolf-whistled)

  1. Alternative spelling of wolf whistle
    • 2015, Jessica Alcott, Even When You Lie to Me, New York, N.Y.: Crown Books for Young Readers, →ISBN, page 77:
      Lila came out third, to a good level of applause. A few boys wolf-whistled at her, and a couple more groaned “Lila!” like it was a dirty word. She bowed and lifted her skirt at the hip, just enough to show some thigh. A few more guys shouted “Yeah!” in guttural moans.
    • 2015, Lars Joachim Grimstad, translated by Don Bartlett and Siân Mackie, The Disappearing Children (Prime Minister Father & Son; 1), Phoenix Yard Books, →ISBN, page 233:
      Viktory had even managed to drum up a fan base outside the hard core from Urra. This had a lot to do with Junita, as most of the Urra fans were male. Some of the boys were wolf-whistling at her, and a lot of them had learned her name as well.
    • 2017, Paul Lynch, Grace, Little, Brown and Company, →ISBN, page 159:
      Nothing moves in the eyes of this Anvil and then he purses his lips and wolf-whistles at her.