womp womp

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Derived from a plaintive descending four-note trumpet or trombone sound, like G–F#–F–E, articulated with a plunger mute, played during game shows to indicate a player losing.


womp womp

  1. (US, imitative) A two-tone descending sound indicating a failure, or mocking a failure.
    • 2014, Gina Harney, HIIT It!: The Fitnessista's Get More From Less Workout and Diet Plan, p. 131:
      I feel drained, womp womp, and want to lounge by a pool drinking out of a coconut.
    • 2017, Joe Clement, ‎Matt Miles, Screen Schooled: Two Veteran Teachers Expose How Technology Overuse Is Making Our Kids Dumber, p. 227:
      However, this fad quickly faded when people realized this technology (sad trombone: womp, womp) . . . well, it didn't work.