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Alternative forms[edit]


  • Liverpool Docks scab labour from out of town: unloading ships, the dockers would carry the woollen bales on their backs, leaving traces of wool on their clothing.
  • Medieval. Non resident Welsh and English people attempting to avoid the entrance fee at Chester City Walls on market day, by sneaking through the livestock entrances with a sheep on their back.
  • Coal delivery men from mines in the areas surrounding Liverpool would use a sheep fleece as padding for their backs when carrying bags of coal from their vehicles.


woolyback (plural woolybacks)

  1. (regional, Liverpudlian) A person who travelled to work at Liverpool docks (historically)
  2. (regional, pejorative, Liverpudlian) A person from the area surrounding Liverpool such as St Helens or Widnes claiming to be from Liverpool typically with a scouse accent. Deriving from historic terms it is often now mis-appropriated. (present day)


Related terms[edit]