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workation (plural workations)

  1. Alternative form of workcation
    • 2013 May 8, Vanessa Van Edwards, “How I Make My Living on 'Workations'”, in The Huffington Post[1]:
      As long as you do it right, a workation could very well improve your performance.
    • 2015 December 11, Christine Lagorio-Chafkin, “How a Rogue Team Secretly Built Uber's Latest Project Over a Weekend”, in[2]:
      Call it a "workation." You know, a vacation, but for work. Something of a combination company retreat and hackathon.
    • 2016 January 11, Martha C. White, “In Retreats, Start-Ups Find a Way to Recharge Workers’ Batteries”, in The New York Times[3], →ISSN:
      Joshua Reeves, the co-founder and chief executive at the payroll and benefits management start-up Gusto, rented a house for a week in 2013 with his roughly 10 colleagues for what he called a “workation.”
    • 2016 May 24, Brian David Crane, “An Insider's Guide for Digital Nomads”, in[4]:
      I had planned a vacation. What I really needed and wanted was a “workation” –  a trip designed not just for exploring international destinations, but also for productivity and personal and professional growth.