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From worry +‎ -free.


worry-free (comparative more worry-free, superlative most worry-free)

  1. Free from worries; (by extension) safe; secure.
    • 2015, Jeff Bell, DID I JUST SAY THAT?: The Powerful Influence of Words:
      It's overanxiety that prevents us from functioning properly. So it is not a matter of never having anxiety as much as it is finding a way to not let the anxiety grow to the point that it takes control of our lives. This is what we mean by worry-free living.
    • 2015, Keziah Gibbons, Living the Reiki Precepts:
      Continue this for as long as you feel you need to. Finish off by shaking or rubbing the energy from your hands and disconnecting as normal. Create a safe, worry-free space for yourself.