woz ere

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Eye dialect spelling of was here.


woz ere

  1. (Britain, slang) Was here. Frequently placed after the author's name in graffiti.
    • 1993, Fred D'Aguiar, British Subjects
      What are couples up to when one reclines on the stones and is ridden by the other? Will our talk excite the vandal? He woz ere, like you are now []
    • 2004, Sue Cowley, Sue Cowley's A-Z of Teaching
      The wooden surfaces of these desks also made a wonderful surface on which to scratch your name for all posterity: "I woz ere" being a favoured phrase.
    • 2007, Neil Wilson, Prague
      [] but it quickly gets repainted with Lennon images, peace messages and inconsequential tourist graffiti of the "we woz ere" variety.

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