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wratch (plural wratches)

  1. Archaic form of wretch.
    • 1919, J. B. Salmond, My Man Sandy[1]:
      I canna be bathered wi' the chatterin', fykie, kyowowin' little wratch.
    • 1903, William Barnes, Poems of Rural Life in the Dorset Dialect[2]:
      Noo soul to sheaere The trials the poor wratch must bear.
    • 1896, Ian Maclaren, Kate Carnegie and Those Ministers[3]:
      He said he wes up for a walk an' juist dropped in, the wratch.'
    • 1868, Alexander Hislop, The Proverbs of Scotland[4]:
      "Little Andrew, the wratch, has been makin' a totum wi' his faither's ae razor; an' the pair man's trying to shave himsel yonder, an' girnan like a sheep's head on the tangs."
    • 1855, Charles Kingsley, Westward Ho![5]:
      Why, he's a praste, a Popish praste, that can't marry if he would, poor wratch."