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Blend of wreck +‎ recreation


wreckreation (uncountable)

  1. Recreation that wrecks or harms the environment. For example, running off-road vehicles and mountain bikes through ecologically sensitive areas, running boats with large wakes in narrow watercourses so as to cause bank erosion, climbing in areas where raptors nest, or simply hiking in areas that disturb existing flora, fauna and archaeological resources.
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      ...critiques of motorized wreckreation...
    • 2008, Craig Chalquist, Deep California: Images and Ironies of Cross and Sword on El Camino Real
      Time will tell whether the small town surrounded by agribusinesses, booming residential populations, and sand dunes to drive on for high-speed wreckreation will preserve its maternal purity.
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      Off-Road “Wreckreation” Plagues Public Lands
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      BC's Shameful Backcountry Wreckreation