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From wretched +‎ -ly.


wretchedly (comparative more wretchedly, superlative most wretchedly)

  1. In a wretched manner.
    • 1842, Letitia Elizabeth Landon, Lady Anne Granard, volume 2, page 241:
      Tell my page to ask him to walk with you, for you look wretchedly, and to be sure you have been on your knees a long time rubbing that foot, I must say.
    • 1868 January 4 – June 6, [William] Wilkie Collins, “First Period. The Loss of the Diamond (1848). []”, in The Moonstone. A Romance. [], volume I, London: Tinsley Brothers, [], published 1868, OCLC 225036627, chapter XVI, page 268:
      I felt wretchedly old, and worn out, and unfit for my place—and began to wonder, for the first time in my life, when it would please God to take me.