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  1. present participle of wrinkle


wrinkling (plural wrinklings)

  1. A pattern of wrinkles.
    • 1849, Journal of the Royal Geological Society of Ireland (volume 3, page 251)
      The character of these wrinklings, when seen on the flat of the beds, forbids the idea that they are due to end on compression []
  2. The act of wrinkling.
    • 1950, Mervyn Peake, Gormenghast, Penguin, 1969, Chapter 33, p. 203,[1]
      Would she be able to appreciate the subtlety of their advances, if they made any; those little twitches and twists of the lips, those narrowings and rollings of the eye, those wrinklings of the speculative temple, that shrugging of an eye-brow at play?