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Alternative forms[edit]


From Middle English wrongous, for earlier wrongwis, wrangwis, from Old English wrongwīs, wrangwīs (wrongous, rough, uneven), equivalent to wrong +‎ -wise. Cognate with Swedish vrångvis (wrong, iniquitous). See wrong, and compare righteous.


wrongous (comparative more wrongous, superlative most wrongous)

  1. (Britain dialectal, Scotland, especially law) Wrongful; not right; unjust; illegal.
    • 1817, Walter Scott, Rob Roy, Volume II, Chapter 13,[1]
      [] It’s my opinion that the creature Dougal will have a good action of wrongous imprisonment and damages agane him, under the Act seventeen hundred and one, and I’ll see the creature righted.”
    • 1879, James Paterson, Reports of Scotch Appeals in the House of Lords
      If the prisoner is detained an unreasonable time, he would have an action for wrongous imprisonment.

Derived terms[edit]