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wuffle (plural wuffles)

  1. A gentle sniff or snort
    • 1992, Lauraine Snelling, Kentucky Dreamer, Bethany House Publishers (1992), ISBN 1556612346, page 37:
      Gray Dan'l begged for more—both carrots and loving. Even Gatesby acted glad to see her, a wuffle warming her fingers as he picked up his carrot.
    • 1996, Alison Kent, Call Me, Harlequin Books (1996), ISBN 9780373256945, page 157:
      Harley smiled at the dog's contented wuffle and sigh. "How long until Guin is up and around?"
    • 2003, S. M. Stirling and David Drake, Conqueror, Baen Books (2003), ISBN 074343594X, page 58:
      "Ah, general," Bellamy said. Raj leaned back in the saddle and Horace halted with a resentful wuffle.
    • 2005, Barbara Cleverly, The Damascened Blade, Delta (2005), ISBN 9780385339506, page 77:
      Candles flickered under the doors of the first two rooms, occupied by Zeman and Iskander. The next room was in darkness and silent apart from a stricken wuffle.
    • 2009, Anne Louise MacDonald, Seeing Red, Kids Can Press (2009), ISBN 1554532914, page 181:
      At the word "treats," Jelly Bean jerked up her head and a sub-woofer wuffle fluttered her nostrils.


wuffle (third-person singular simple present wuffles, present participle wuffling, simple past and past participle wuffled)

  1. To sniff or snort gently
    • 1942, "BB", The Litte Grey Men, Eyre & Spottiswoode (1942):
      The black muzzle went 'wuffle, wuffle' over the sand and the man saw the short hairs bristle along its spine. Then the dog was called off and Giant Grum went up the bank.
    • 1995, Colin Greenland, Seasons of Plenty, HarperCollins (1995), ISBN 0380774682, page 247:
      After their first upset the children's dog kept a dignified distance from him; and when in the narrow passages the cat strayed too close, he would wuffle irritably, like an old Scotsman clearing his throat.
    • 2001, Harry Turtledove, The Great War: Breakthroughs, Del Ray (2001), ISBN 0345405641, page 138:
      "Ma'am, we are doing what we can," Barksdale repeated stolidly. He took a deep breath, then let it wuffle out through his thick gray mustache.
    • 2004, Wendy Jane Evans, The Diggings Are Silent, Interactive Press (2004), ISBN 1876819243, page 77:
      Beyond was a tangle of undergrowth fringing a pocket of rainforest. It seemed a place where a dog could wuffle to his heart's content.
    • 2009, Christopher J. Wortham, Fragments… From Two Lives on Three Continents, Eloquent Books (2009), ISBN 1606933302, page 18:
      I could stand with my hands resting on the upper rail of the playpen and reach out to touch Rufus, the red setter, whose principal concern was evidently to entertain me. He would wuffle and snuggle from just outside, wagging his feathery tail in appreciation of his tiny young friend's attentions.