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Phonetic spelling of “white people” in African American Vernacular English.



wypipo pl (plural only)

  1. (slang, African-American Vernacular, derogatory) White people.
    • 2013 October 6, THE KID MERO 🇩🇴 ‏, “THE KID MERO 🇩🇴 ‏ on Twitter”, in Twitter[1], archived from the original on 2018-01-06:
      “@PaulCantor: @Me you just need one rich white guy to believe you will be the one who makes him cool, and you're set.” WHERE U AT WYPIPO
    • 2017 February 1, Aaryn Belfer, Backwards & In High Heels: Rounding up my cousins, in San Diego CityBeat
      For now, let's take a step into Black History Month since that is the only time wypipo generally give two Fun-Dip sticks and a lick about Black history.
    • 2017 November 30, Michael Harriot, Why Calling Elizabeth Warren "Pocohontas" Is Racist, Explained, in San Bernardino American Newspaper, volume 48, number 32:
      However, the Powhatan people told the Jamestonians that Matoaka's name was"Pocohontas," which loosely translates to "stolen by thieving-ass wypipo" (my Powhatan is a little rusty).
    • 2018 April 19, Anne Branigin, Black Teen Who Won Full ride to 20 Colleges Wants Apology From Reporter Who Called His Effort "Obnoxious", in San Bernardino American Newspaper, volume 48, number 52, front page:
      Wypipo: Quit making excuses. Work hard. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps. Go to college. No one's just going to hand opportunities to you.
      Also wypipo: Wow, you applied to 20 colleges? And got into all of them? How obnoxious.
    • 2019 September 4, Ted Neill, Reaper Moon, Race War in the Post Apocalypse, page 6:
      MAGA hat wearing, confederate flag waving, tiki torch bearing wypipo.
    • 2020 November 5, Zack Linly, “Mitch McConnell Referenced Martin Luther King Jr. in His Victory Speech. MLK's Family Graciously Invite Him to STFU”, in The Root[2]:
      Because wypipo stay annoying, during his victory speech, McConnell gave a shout out to King and his “I Have a Dream” speech, aka literally the only MLK speech that exists as far as white conservatives are concerned.

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