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Classical Nahuatl[edit]

Alternative forms[edit]




  1. Immature, green ear of maize; jilote.
  2. One that cannot keep secrets; a blabber; blabbermouth.
    • 1640–41: Bartolomé de Alva (trans.), El animal profeta y dichoso patricida, f. 18r.
      Ma. v timahuiztic tlacatl yeçe yuhqui yn quenin mochihua noyollo cuix çā ytlà nimitzylhuīz
      Tiçoc v Tleyn ticmìhtalhuia cuix nixīlōtl cuix aca nechyhtitzayanaz
      MALINTZIN: You are an honorable person. Nevertheless, my heart is uneasy about this. Shall I say something to you?
      TIZOC: What are you saying? Am I a blabbermouth? Will someone rip it out of me?

Derived terms[edit]

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