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From an old trademark, presumably xylo- +‎ -ite.


xylonite (countable and uncountable, plural xylonites)

  1. (obsolete) Celluloid.
    • 1907, William Page, The Victoria history of the county of Suffolk, Volume 2
      The youngest of the industries of Suffolk is the manufacture of xylonite.
    • 1920, James Duff Brown, William Charles Berwick Sayers, Manual of library economy
      A simple, effective shelf label-holder is made from strips of transparent xylonite bent in a rectangular form...
    • 1923, George Handley Knibbs, Presidential Address to the Australian Association for the Advancement of Science at the New Zealand Meeting (page 5)
      [] the perfumes and flavouring-substances, the explosives, the viscoses, celluloids, xylonites, bakelites, &c., []