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y- +‎ blent (blended)



  1. (archaic) past participle of blend


yblent (comparative more yblent, superlative most yblent)

  1. (archaic or poetic) Confused
    • 1579, Spenser, Edmund, “April”, in The Shepheardes Calender, lines 154–155:
      And was thilk same song of Colins owne making? / Ah! foolish Boy! that is with love yblent;
    • c. 1753, Warton, Thomas, “A Pastoral in the manner of Spenser”, in Richard Mant, editor, The Poetical Works of the Late Thomas Waton, B.D.[1], volume 1, University Press, published 1802, lines 9–12, page 113:
      She bragly turned her ungentle face, / And all disdaining ey'd my shape askaunce: / But I did blush, with grief and shame yblent, / Like morning-rose with hoary dewe besprent.