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  1. (archaic, informal) Contraction of ye had.
    • 2017, David Bischoff & Charles Sheffield, The Selkie:
      Isn't that my baby you're carryin', and wasn't I the best lover ye'd ever met?
  2. (archaic, informal) Contraction of ye would.
    • 1995, Catherine Coulter, The Duke, →ISBN:
      Ye'd beat me?” She was suddenly breathless. “Really, Bertie? Ye'd beat me?”
    • 2012, Jeff Silverman, Classic Golf Stories: 26 Incredible Tales from the Links, →ISBN, page 169:
      If ye bring ye'er wife f'r to see th'game, an' she has her name in th'paper, that counts ye wan. So th'first thing ye do is to find th'raypoorter, an' tell him ye're there. Thin ye ordher a bottle iv brown pop, an' have ye'er second fan ye with a towel. Afither this ye'd dhress, an' here ye've got to be dam particklar or ye'll be stuck f'r th' dhrinks.