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yead (plural yeads)

  1. (dialectal) head
    • 1850, William Cullen Bryant, Letters of a Traveller[1]:
      The Derbyshire people have a saying-- "Darbyshire born, and Darbyshire bred, Strong o' the yarm and weak o' the yead."
    • 1906, Mrs. Henry De La Pasture, Peter's Mother[2]:
      "Beer doan't agree wi' my inzide, an' it gits into my yead, and makes me proper jolly, zo the young volk make game on me.
    • 1918, J. Arthur Gibbs, A Cotswold Village[3]:
      Put 'v' for 'f'; for 's' put 'z'; 'Th' and 't' we change to 'd,'-- So dry an' kip this in thine yead, An' thou wills't talk as plain as we."