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yellowman (plural yellowmen)

  1. Alternative form of yellow man
    • 1878 February 11, This Newfoundland of Ours: A lecture delivered by the Rev. M. Harvey, in Across Newfoundland with the Governor, page 104:
      In the United States we see going on a commingling of types of mankind, of all nationalities, whitemen, blackmen, yellowmen, redmen, producing an amalgam []
    • 1891, Francis William Bain, Antichrist: A Short Examination of the Spirit of the Age, page 95:
      That which the complaints of the ousted white labourers had been unable to effect — the expulsion of the yellowmen who undersold them in the labour-market []
    • 1909, Robert Maclauchlan Macdonald, Chillagoe Charlie, page 181:
      [If they] hope to prospect peaceably and thus avoid trouble with the yellowmen they will be disappointed; I know the pigtails too well, and I also know they have found something good or they wouldn't have risked a fight with such a party as we were.