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Alternative forms[edit]


ying-yang (plural ying-yangs)

  1. Alternative form of yin-yang
  2. (slang, euphemistic) Anus; asshole
  3. (slang, euphemistic) Penis
    • 1982, Robert Merkin, The South Florida book of the dead
      ...wouldn't have to staunch anybody's leg wounds or haunt the hospital corridors waiting for a peek at one of my troopers with tubes up his ying-yang.
    • 2004, Kevin Leman, Kathy Flores Bell, A chicken's guide to talking turkey with your kids about sex
      Do you say it's Dad's tallywacker, his ying-yang, his wienie? Or do you say, "That's Daddy's penis"?
    • 2006, Brandon James, Jeanne Carmen: My Wild, Wild Life As a New York Pin Up Queen
      It was half over and so far nobody had noticed his ying-yang hanging out.

Derived terms[edit]