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Alternative forms[edit]

  • yod-less


yod +‎ -less


yodless (not comparable)

  1. (phonetics) Lacking a palatal approximant.
    • 2002, Tim Pooley, "The Depicardization of the Vernaculars of the Lille Conurbation", in Mari C. Jones et al. (eds.), Language Change, Mouton de Gruyter, →ISBN, page 37:
      In other contexts, yodless forms made the Roubaix-Tourcoing distinctive from their French and Lille equivalents [kaʀti], [piʀ] and [di] quartier ‘quarter’, ‘neighbourhood’, Pierre ‘Peter’, Dieu ‘God’, cf. [kaʀtje], [pjɛʀ], [djø].
    • 2004, Jan Tent & France Mugler, "Fiji English: Phonology", in Edgar W. Schneider et al. (eds.), A Handbook of Varieties of English, volume 1, Mouton de Gruyter, →ISBN, page 776:
      The younger the speaker is, the more yodless is the pronunciation, while the more educated the speaker is, the more yod is used (or retained) in this particular phonological environment.
    • 2008, László Kristó, "Slavonic", in Joaquim Brandão de Carvalho et al. (eds.), Lenition and Fortition, Mouton de Gruyter, →ISBN, page 312:
      Hence yod not only does not strengthen word-initially; it also often disappears, yielding yod-ful and yodless variants in the daughter languages, sometimes even in the same language (cf. Cz  - juž).