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Reduced form of young one.


youngin (plural youngins)

  1. A young one: a youth, a child, a kid, young person.
    • 1996, Mary Lee Settle, The Killing Ground [1]
      I swear to God, Hannah, Haley had entered that youngin in an open jumper class for children.
    • 1998, Edwin Vickers, When the Magnolias Die & One Precious Summer [2]
      He is my youngin, yes he is; I raised him, I did.
    • 1999, Silver RavenWolf, Halloween [3]
      He wasn’t an unlikable fellow, no he wasn’t, but he was the sort of fella that would run from honest work faster than a youngin’ can run from bath water.
    • 2000, Gene S Ladnier, Fame's Eternal Camping Ground [4]
      If I was a youngin looking for my sweetheart, I reckon I’d hook up with Barteau’s bunch and try to cut them Yankee wagons off.