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youth +‎ -en


youthen (third-person singular simple present youthens, present participle youthening, simple past and past participle youthened)

  1. (transitive) To make younger or more youthful.
    • 1897, George Egerton, Symphonies (page 97)
      It youthened her, melted the stark, hungry grip about her mouth.
    • 1966, Congress for Cultural Freedom, Encounter, Volume 26 (page 84)
      Mr. Wilson can hardly be unaware that once a writer chooses to youthen or resurrect a word, it lives again...
  2. (intransitive) To become younger or more youthful.
    • 2008, Patrice Rancour, Tales from the Pager Chronicles (page 7)
      He nods, time traveling to a point when there were no central lines, no low blood counts, no immunosuppressive drugs. His face youthens momentarily as he bridges back to a point on a timeline that has none of this devastation on it.