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Blend of yum +‎ scrumptious


yumptious (comparative more yumptious, superlative most yumptious)

  1. (slang) delicious, yummy
    • 1933, Beatrice Borland, Passports for Asia
      ...it was an American soda fountain that knew how to produce yumptious milk shakes and the deadliest of sundaes.
    • 1970, Jeanne Harman, Harry E Harman, Fielding's guide to the Caribbean, plus the Bahamas
      Dinner from $3.25 includes fresh bread (baked daily), yumptious island soups...
    • 2007, Jeff Bredenberg, How to Cheat at Organizing: Quick, Clutter-Clobbering Ways to Simplify Your Life
      Select two picnic foods you're famous for—say, your homemade lemonade and those yumptious chocolate-chip cookies—and make those for the picnic.