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yum +‎ -tastic



yumtastic (comparative more yumtastic, superlative most yumtastic)

  1. (slang) yummy; delicious
    • 2007, Gary Baum, ‎Bill Corsello, Zagat Los Angeles Nightlife (page 104)
      Discover "a little bit of Sherwood Forest in Sherman Oaks" at this "great British pub" with "yumtastic fish 'n' chips", "friendly service" and a " smattering of cockney accents" for authenticity's sake []
    • 2012, Meg Cotner, Food Lovers' Guide to Queens
      Their tacos are wonderful—the carnitas taco is chock-full of amazing, soft, and yumtastic meat, not to mention a big slice of avocado on top.
    • 2012, Pauline McLynn, Jenny Q, Stitched Up
      I look over and see that the ingredients for this would be turnip, rhubarb and cabbage. Yumtastic, not!
    • 2013, Lisa Dickenson, The Twelve Dates of Christmas: Dates 5 and 6
      Billy was just as yumtastic and she couldn't even sweat a palm for him.