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zīle f (5th declension)

  1. acorn (fruit of the oak tree)
    lasīt zīlesto pick acorns
    šogad ozoli zīļu pilnithis year the oaks are full of acorns
  2. pearl-like glass bead (with a small hole) used to make adornments
    zīļu vainagsbead wreath
    tērps nošūts ar dažādu krāsu zīlēma dress adorned with beads of various colors
  3. tit (little passerine bird, gen. Parus; see zīlīte)

Usage notes[edit]

In the sense “little passerine bird, tit”, the diminutive form zīlīte is much more frequently used than the non-diminutive form zīle.


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