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See also: zettamètre and zetta-metre


Alternative forms[edit]


zetta- +‎ metre


zettametre (plural zettametres)

  1. 1021 metres
    • 1994, New Scientist - Volume 144, Issues 1951-1958, page 81:
      The largest known galaxy, at the centre of the Abell 2029 cluster in Virgo, has a diameter of around 53 zettametres.
    • 2015 August, Keith Atkin, “Time to ditch non-SI units in physics teaching?”, in Physics Education, volume 50, number 5:
      As one of my reviewers (SP Gray) puts it: '...I think that Andromeda will be a good deal closer to the Solar System than it is now, before we read of its distance in zettametres'
    • 2018, Margreth Tadie, Robert Pott, Neill Goosen, Petrie Van Wyk, Karin Elizabeth Wolff, “Expanding 1st year problem-solving skills through unit conversions and estimations”, in IEEE Global Engineering Education Conference (EDUCON):
      How many kiloparsecs are there in a zettametre (1021 m)?


  • Zm (symbol)