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zigaboo (plural zigaboos)

  1. (offensive, ethnic slur) Alternative form of jigaboo
    • 1928, Claude McKay, Home to Harlem, Northeastern University Press (1987), →ISBN, page 322:
      “That zigaboo is a singing fool,” remarked Jake.
    • 1942, Zora Neale Hurston, “Story in Harlem Slang”, in The American Mercury, Volume 45 (July 1942), reprinted in Alan Dundes (editor), Mother Wit from the Laughing Barrel, University Press of Mississippi (1973), →ISBN, page 222:
      Wait till I light up my coal-pot and I’ll tell you about this Zigaboo called Jelly.
    • a. 1996, C. Eric Lincoln, in Coming through the Fire: Surviving Race and Place in America, Duke University Press (1996), →ISBN, page 3:
      “Mommie,” the little girl announced in a confidential stage whisper: “Mommie, there is a ‘zigaboo’ behind you!” The mother turned and looked squarely into my eyes. Did she see a “zigaboo?” I wondered. She gave no hint.