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zirself ‎(the third person singular, gender-irrelevant, personal pronoun)

  1. (reflexive, nonstandard) Alternative form of xyrself
    • 2002, "Louise", Anyone want to introduce zirself before APC9? (on newsgroup alt.polyamory)
    • 2002, "Lorremiddy", Today is a great day. (on newsgroup soc.singles.moderated)
      I'm trying to point out that his 'help' would be seriously damaging to a person who lacks the ability to fix zirself through a sheer act of will.
    • 2007, Sherryl Vint, Bodies of tomorrow: technology, subjectivity, science fiction (page 213)
      This is the pronoun that Carter uses to describe zirself.
  2. (emphatic, nonstandard) Alternative form of xyrself

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