zoo break

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zoo break (plural zoo breaks)

  1. (rare) A breakout by animals from a zoo.
    • 1936, Today: An Independent National Weekly, volume 6, OCLC 1604628, page iv:
      The Herald published a fictitious story of a zoo break, accompanied by pictures of elephants, donkeys, lions and other brothers of the menagerie.
    • 1950, The Virginia Spectator, OCLC 22498386, page 8:
      One night there was a zoo break, and one of the elephants wound up in the young lady's vegetable garden.
    • 1998, Josie P. Campbell, John Irving: A Critical Companion, Greenwood Press, OCLC 179111907, page 18:
      In one of these scenes, Siggy must run for his life, and goes back to Vienna to plan the zoo break.