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Proper noun[edit]

Украина (Ukraina)

  1. Ukraine


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Proper noun[edit]

Украи́на (Ukraínaf

  1. Ukraine (member state of the CIS)
    на Украи́неin Ukraine (see the Usage notes)


Usage notes[edit]

  • Traditionally in English, the proper noun Ukraine has been used with the definite article, the. However, this usage appears to become less common (see References).
  • In Russia, Украина is mostly used with the preposition на, as in
Я живу́ на Украи́не.I live in Ukraine.
In Ukraine, Украина is nowadays mostly used with the preposition в, as in
Я живу́ в Украи́не.I live in Ukraine.
The argument for the usage by Ukrainians is that “на Украине” implies that Ukraine is still a part of Russia (or the USSR), which Ukraine left in 1991.


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