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मार (māra)

  1. (√ मृ) killing, destroying.


मार (māram

  1. death, pestilence.
  2. slaying, killing (compare पशु-म्°).
  3. an obstacle, hindrance.
  4. the passion of love, god of love.
  5. (Buddhism) the Destroyer, Evil One (who tempts men to indulge their passions and is the great enemy of the बुद्ध and his religion; four मारs are enumerated in Dharmas. 80, viz. स्कन्ध-, क्लेश-, देवपुत्र-, and मृत्यु-म्°; but the later Buddhist theory of races of gods led to the figment of millions of मारs ruled over by a chief मार).
  6. the thorn-apple L.
  7. pestilence (also personified as the goddess of death and identified with दुर्गा).


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